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You are Officially Invited to The Destiny Domination Retreat 2015

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Response to Charlamayne on Dame Dash's Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 Part IV

I strongly caution you that there is very strong language used throughout this interview. Also, you need a little over an hour of free time to watch this interview.

Dame Dash got me going. Check out Part IPart II , & Part III  to cover the entire interview on The Breakfast Club including my personal commentary. This blog (Part IV) is where I add my two cents just as Charlamayne did.

Damon has the heart of an entrepreneur. I can most definitely respect his "all in" attitude. But there are some things that I learned about him that are not to be followed by anyone. Mr. Dash currently has an alleged (I was not able to confirm this amount personally) net worth of NEGATIVE $2 million. That means he owes lots of people money. I believe his poor usage of money is the cause of this. Just how many homes and apartments does one person need in the same state? (No shade Mr. Dash).

Don’t burn bridges with people. You never know who you may need to work with in the future. Treat all people well. One thing about tables is that they always turn. Those people that despise you may need your help in the future and vice versa. Treat the janitor with the same respect you do a CEO.


It never feels like work when you do what you love, and you do it to make your children’s lives better. You are the only competition you have. When you focus on being better than you were yesterday it leave so much room to grow AND you make better money decisions because the only person you are trying to keep up with is YOU! In the words of Dame Dash,   "I CARE ABOUT I THINK I WON!"


I understood why he said this, but I strongly disagree with this statement. Save money! We've learned sometimes Dame has money and other times he doesn't because he is an all in type of entrepreneur. HOWEVER, be a sucker and put 10% of your earnings in savings. You have to learn to pay yourself first. You can't invest all of your money without properly investing in yourself, your future, and the security of your family. Saving SOME money is good. Had Mr. Dash saved some money, he may have been able to avoid repossessions and foreclosures because this money would have kept him living the lifestyle he preferred while his projects were preparing for a return on the initial investment. The savings can keep you from losing your property and help you afford your normal lifestyle when you are in a dry business season. By all a sucka and save some money, at least 10%.

Make wise decisions. I looked into Mr. Dash founding the phrase "popping tags" from the interview. This "popping tags" epidemic is the epitome of making poor decisions. Dame would buy and outfit, wear it once, and throw it away. That is not something I would recommend he do even at his $50 million net worth. Most rich people look deceptively poor. It is all a matter of taste for sure. But I can't see anyone making fun of Bill Gates because he does not prefer to spend his money on Cartier frames. On the other hand, poor people (especially the African American community) are deceptively poor. They dress nicely. Own the latest pair of Christian "Red Bottom" Louboutin shoes, have Louis Vuitton, and Hermes labels, but no furniture. Unfortunately, they live with their parents or in subsidized housing. There is no money saved for retirement. I would not recommend anyone make decisions like this without having had sound financial advice. Wearing outfits once and trashing them is unacceptable at any financial state. We are not afforded the opportunity to make money and then waste it! Make wise investments. If your children will only inherit your amazing closet filled with fashion, you've missed the mark. Please consider a financial advisor. It is worth the money. This would be your first wise investment. Be a good steward over your finances and to do that you have to have the right mindset about money. Money is a tool! Use it to enhance your life not control your life.


*Que the buzzer* WRONG! I applaud his effort for trying to get these people out of the matrix, but what Dame fails to realize is everyone is not meant to be a boss. They can have great talents, skills, and possess lots of knowledge, however, they do not possess any leadership traits. I used to think what a waste of talent. But it's not! What I've come to learn and what Dame needs to learn is those people make for great employees. If everyone is selling a product or service, who's doing the buying?! What I recommend is "do something with them" and make some money off of them. Not everyone  is willing to forgo their comfortable lifestyle, consistent pay, and other amenities while working for "The Man" in exchange for an unsure dream they hope to come true. Dreamers never sleep. Dreaming takes work! What Dame fails to realize is that everyone wants to eat, but many don't want to hunt! 

Like any other person, article, or interview I retain what was good and throw away the nonsense. Overall, this interview was a great discussion to see where many people are at concerning finances, goals, and entrepreneurship. Join the discussion, what was your overall take on the interview. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Perspective From AskTPJ Watching Dame Dash's Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 Part III

I strongly caution you that there is very strong language used throughout this interview. Also, you need a little over an hour of free time to watch this interview.

By all means, please check out Part I & Part II of the blog to keep up with the profound, yet simple insights gained when listening to the interview listed above.


As an entrepreneur and start-up consultant, I am excited to help people break free from the matrix we call "Corporate America."  Having personally assisted in the legalization of over 100 businesses and non profit organizations, I had NO problem fist bumping the laptop as I listened to this interview. Even when I would not personally do the business myself, I am excited to see someone put more faith in himself or herself instead of a job. “IT’S NOT ABOUT KNOCKING THEM DOWN, BUT ABOUT HELPING THEM UP.” I do not compete with anyone but myself. I am excited to extend a helping hand to an aspiring entrepreneur. Don’t let differences of opinions stop you from collaborating. I like to think of different opinions as a different piece of the puzzle, further expanding the view you may have had with just one area as the focus.


You are your word! Don’t say you are going to help someone if you don’t mean it. Don’t say you are going to be somewhere if you do not plan to show up. You are only as good as your word. As a person, employer, employee, boss, chatty Cathy, whatever you call yourself. Honor your word! Be dependable! Even if it costs you to the point of inconvenience, do what you said you were going to do…or you lose respect.

I am Lil Tyrone. Although, I hate they used such a stereotypical name, I understand where they were trying to go with the conversation. Lil Tyrone is a person that doesn’t come from privilege. The odds are against him, yet he chooses to believe in himself and take a chance by providing a product or service in hopes of changing his financial situation for the better. Lil Tyrone does not have the privilege of large financial investors. Lil Tyrone puts up his own money, believes in his own vision, uses PayPal, and the Internet to avoid the middle man and retain majority of the earnings made as a result of providing a service or selling inventory of a specific product(s).  He cut out the middleman and becomes the direct connect in his field of expertise. Lil Tyrone’s road is not easy. He probably can’t go to his parents and ask for a loan while he is working on securing a return on investment. He won’t be hired into his family business no matter his qualifications. Lil Tyrone is brave.  He is flipping what he invested in hopes of multiplying it and doing it again on a larger scale. Lil Tyrone respected the grind, put in the work, and went through the process. Lil Tyrone is learning the best way. “THE BEST WAY TO LEARN IS TO PUT YOUR OWN MONEY AND GO DO IT YOURSELF.” Lil Tyrone does not care about getting props. He is focused on accomplishing his dreams of financial freedom and stability. Lil Tyrone is a common story.

There's one more blog after this. Tune in Monday to hear my personal opinion as to what was discussed during this interview and my perspective concerning business and success. You won't believe I disagree with Mr. Dash on a thing or two. 

Do you empower others? Even if they have a difference of opinion? What is your belief system when it comes to honor? Do you consider yourself a "Lil Tyrone"? Join the conversation. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Perspective From AskTPJ Watching Dame Dash's Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 Part II

I strongly caution you that there is very strong language used throughout this interview. Also, you need a little over an hour of free time to watch this interview.

If you missed the first part of the blog, read Part I here and come back to read part II. If you have read Part I, continue on below!


There is nothing wrong with learning. Interning, mentoring, and serving under someone in the capacity to which you aspire to be is an important facet to up and comings. There is no shame in learning the skill or trade you wish to dominate.  Even the greats put in work. Those days when you don’t make any sales (and unfortunately, they do occur) you are practicing what you want to be. Until the earnings you desire are residual, you are indeed practicing what you want to be. Don’t get discouraged. Practice anyway.


I have all of the decorations of a successful businessperson. A MBA, Project Management and Finance concentrations, businesses established, a published book, etc. I have the “know how” but there are still some people that will never listen to a word I say until I look like the Beyonce’s and Kardashians they idolize.  Many times they look like Beyonce and the Kardashians, but their bank accounts and portfolios are nonexistent. No shade. All truth. When you KNOW you know your stuff, keep doing you in spite of those that don’t listen to you because you aren’t on a certain level. Fight enough Hernandez’ until they allow you to fight a Pacquiao. Either way, you still make money. Stack up and keep fighting. One day, they’ll have to pay for your expertise.


No seriously, why don’t you? I know why! You are comfortable with a consistent check, and certain amenities you get for helping to fulfill the dreams of another businessman (or woman). I understood Dame’s frustration because here are several popular DJ’s that work for a broadcast company. In my mind, with the notoriety they have, they could start their own show, their loyal fan base will follow, and they will receive 50%-100% of the earnings depending on if any partnership deals are in place. I’m sure those earnings are more than what they make with the comfortable check, company shares, and money in savings. But hey, I’m a risk taker. Oops I mean entrepreneur. My mentality is different especially since job security is not so secure these days.


We may not all come from financial privilege. We may not all start in the same part of the race. But it’s not how you start that counts. It’s how you finish. How hungry are you?! Do you really want it as bad as you say you do? I consulted with a aspiring entrepreneur a couple years back. She got her business started and all of the legalities taken care of. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, her business was not an instant success. Currently, she is no longer operating that business. She was used to everyone purchasing things for her. She was used to a comfortable life. She wasn’t willing to bust her a** to make it happen! I’m not currently at the level of success that I desire or deserve, but I work like the mortgage is past due, and I have five babies to feed. They are why I work as hard as I do. I do not expect for anything to be handed to me except the opportunity for success. And anyone else has the same opportunity if they are willing to do the work! You can’t cheat the grind! It KNOWS how much effort, time, money, blood, sweat, and tears you are putting into it.


Again, those five kids are the reason I work as hard as I do…so I respect Dame for this statement! I do too! It’s not about you as a parent. To spend 20-30 plus years working for the man to gain a pension and partial retirement is absolutely selfish! “It is not realistic to finance a 30-year retirement with 30 years of work. You can’t expect to put 10% of your income aside and then finance a retirement that’s just as long.” – John Shoven (Stanford University Professor of Economics).

Studies show the more money you make, the longer you work. Might I suggest (no disrespect) those that are depending on retirement and a short work life are not making enough money? The most successful people are self-motivated. So many people know the right thing to do, but will not put forth the effort to make it happen. Hustling for your last name makes you relentless. Beast mode transforms you. Obstacles don’t stop you. There aren’t many guarantees, but there is more personal satisfaction concerning your flexible schedule and family time dynamics.


THIS! In a microwave generation where everyone looks for instant gratification, this statement resonated with me. Unfortunately, the majority of the African American community makes decisions for today. At best the next few years. And if they believe in retirement, the next 30 to 60 years.  How have we missed the mark?! Native Americans make decisions today with the next SEVEN generations in mind. Yes, you read that correctly. When you have time, please read into the concept of Seven Generation Sustainability.  Jews make decisions with their children's children's' children in mind. Damon stated he purchases art for his family. It might not pay the bills of his children today, but it might pay my grand kids bills later. What do you have in place for your children? Your grand children? Your great-grand children? Your great-great-grand children? And so on? Take a moment and ponder what you will do for the generations after you. Legacy building is imperative.

Are you a boss? Do you hustle for your last name? Are you comfortable with a 9-5?  If you aren't an entrepreneur, why don't you own your own business? Is recognition a factor in your success plan? Do you hustle for you or your family? What are some long-term ventures you have in place for the next generation of your family? Join the conversation. Part III will be posted Saturday. Until then, share your thoughts. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Perspective From AskTPJ Watching Dame Dash's Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 Part I

I strongly caution you that there is very strong language used throughout this interview. Also, you need a little over an hour of free time to watch this interview.

In spite of the foul language and combative banter, there is a wealth of information that was shared during this particular interview. SO much information that I have comprised a 3 part blog to keep your attention. So make sure to check out part 2 next week!

Damon Dash is an established entrepreneur. He partnered with Jay-Z and created a lucrative business: Roc A Fella Records. Those days have come and gone, but the wisdom that Mr. Dash shared made me feel as if I was listening to a modern day, more urban version of a Rich Dad, Poor Dad conversation. Here are some insightful tips the entrepreneur shared to the listeners of The Breakfast Club.


Compromise is not in the vocabulary of a successful entrepreneur. Starting with honor and integrity. The minute you compromise either of the two for financial wealth or success, you are doomed to fail. 


I can translate that easy for you: Do Not Gossip. As he has grown as a man over the last decade, I’ve noticed he avoids questions with Jay Z like the plague. Not only should you avoid gossip, when it is brought to you, you should not entertain gossip and more importantly, you should not spread it. When an entrepreneur works on accomplishing their goals that they don’t have time to worry about what the next entrepreneur is doing. Gossip or “what somebody else said about another” is an opportunity for you to be used as a pawn for his or her agenda. 


In a misogynistic world many people still treat women as if they are less than and their opinions are not valued. Entrepreneurship is the only place where women and men are paid equal amounts. Outside of entrepreneurship, despite making up half or the workforce, women only make $0.77 for every dollar a man earns. Ladies, you can be a boss too!


In a society where people live in and wear their money (or others depending on their credit situation) this statement resonated with me. As an entrepreneur, I understand exactly what he meant when he said this. Many people want to start at the top. They won’t start that lucrative business idea if they can’t have office space and a team of employees to start. Everyone feels they deserve investors from the start. I always say, "If you don’t believe in yourself more than a financial institution, you don’t deserve an investor other than yourself." Damon Dash says, “JOBS ARE FOR LAZY PEOPLE THAT DON’T WANT TO INVEST IN THEMSELVES.”

See what most people realize is, no matter where you are on the financial scale, you are already a financial trader.  Today’s employee trades his or her time for money. From Damon Dash and any other entrepreneur’s perspective, this is the worst trade you could make. Making money is great, but those 40+ hours of unfulfilled work each week will never be repaid. The most successful people respect time. Time is promised to no one. We all have the same 24 hours to accomplish the coveted boss status.


Your success is contingent upon the way you think.  Lemme share a little secret with you: Whatever you think in your heart about you, manifests in reality. Be realistic when setting goals, but be relentless in pursuing them. There is absolutely nothing holding you back except yourself. You may view the glass as half full, another may view the glass as half empty, but the entrepreneur sells the glass every time. Perspective is key! “YOU SEE THINGS FROM A DIFFERENT LENS CUZ YOU NOT A BOSS” Somebody slap this man a high five for me the next time you see him! But Mr. Dash, don’t be angry because everyone does not think like the entrepreneur. I’ll touch on that later.

“$100,000 IS RELATIVE” 

What is success worth to you? I fell out of my chair when Mr. Dash said $100 thousand is relative. I get it. $100,000 does not stop my grind. It definitely will not make me compromise my integrity or honor. That money is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to business goals, and personal lifestyle choices. A true entrepreneur is moved by passion. Do what you are passionate about and the money will follow. Do it for the money and your bank account will be pleased, but you won’t. 


Does that phrase sound familiar? I can think of many restaurant attendants that give the extra barbecue sauce because, “This isn’t my company.” How many employees do you know that do not give their all in what they do? I can think of many, but more importantly, I know why. No one wants to fight for a company they do not own. When I worked as a lead teller, there was proper protocol for robbery. I always thought, “They can have all the money I have access to, it’s not mine.” I refused then (and now) to fight for a company I do not own.  Now, Ask TPJ, I fight for my brand. Cynnamon Sugar, I’ll fight for. Domestic Executive Society…look for a battle, why? Because I own it! People take pride in ownership. Don’t believe me? Think about anyone you know that rents a house instead of owning the home. Case closed.

Of course, there is SO much more insight I got from this interview. Part II will be posted on Friday. Join the discussion. Do you agree with Damon Dash? Yes or no? Why?