Monday, September 30, 2013

Smart Goal Setting

Having a growing family and the desire to accomplish milestones in life simultaneously has honed not only my multi-tasking skills, but also my goal setting. Everyone sets at least one goal per year. (i.e. New Year’s Resolution) How many of us actually accomplish those goals we set?  That’s where smart goal setting comes into play. Life continually has us asking, “What is my purpose?” and many times that is found in something we are passionate about. But even if one’s goal is just to lose
 20 pounds and he or she isn’t so passionate about it, smart goal setting and diligence will aid as important tools to accomplishing the set goal. Don’t let a failed goal stop you from accomplishing a new goal. I will share tools I use to help me accomplish some of my past goals and tips I am currently using for future goals.

 Going through the day can most definitely go awry without a plan. Imagine doing so for most of the 365 days we call one year. It can be so easy to wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep and do it all over again the next day, and the day after that until years have passed. It is important to ensure that when years do go past, there has been something worthwhile accomplished. Being purpose driven is key. Don’t worry it is not a hereditary gene! We must teach ourselves to be diligent in all things. Making a to-do list each night assists me in accomplishing more things in 24 hours than most. It helps me make wise decisions and avoid too much idle time. Prioritizing my tasks/goals by importance helps identify which tasks I need to complete and on schedule. Marking goals using the “ABC’s” help me to set realistic goals as far as what I can accomplish in the allotted time I have available. “A” being the most important, “B” being of importance, but not urgent, and “C” being something I’d like to accomplish, but doesn’t have a sense of urgency.

Also try color coding if Letter's aren't your thing. I also use a specific color for each person in my house. Each member of the A-Team has a specific color pertaining whatever is on their respective schedules. Also Dad & I have specific colors to identify who is doing what on a specific day. Creating a system that works for YOU and your household is what matters most. Feel free to "tweek" until you feel comfortable.

7 Steps to More Effective Goal Setting
1. Write down your goals. Identify your goals. What is it that you want to do exactly? Is it realistic?

2. Accomplishing goals requires a plan. Make steps like the Yellow Brick Road to get to the goal.

3. Prioritize goals, figure out realistic completion dates, & Revisit goals frequently.

4. Create Specific Measurable Action-based Realistic Timely (SMART) goals.

5. Long-term Goals should be broken down into many small milestones. “Write the vision, & make it plain.” In due time with a good strategy and diligence it will come to fruition.

6. Set goals for EVERY area in your life. (Personal, professional, family, etc.)

7. I can’t say this enough! Don’t be afraid to modify your goals and or execution tactics. Review, update, & revise constantly!