Monday, January 5, 2015

I got a text from a good friend the other day about her new year's resolution. She called it her "one-word resolution." Instantly, I laughed because she and I don't talk often, but I do the same thing. I call my word my "theme" for the year. I know, it's not as fancy as the "one-word resolution," but it gets the job done for me.

If you are associated with me, being productive is a mandatory prerequisite to gaining access to my inner court friendships. everyone around me has to be purpose driven. There's no time to walk around aimlessly. Those who lack discipline should probably stop reading this blog now. Unless   discipline is your word for the year,

"Why is having a word for the year so important," one might ask? In a nutshell, here's why:

  • 1 word helps to keep you focused
    • Around here, we like to focus on one goal at a time. 
  • It helps you prioritize. 
    • Having one word helps you determine what is most important. Do you really have time to watch television for hours? Or can you use that time to be more productive?
  • It improves your decision making skills
    • You will be forced to make a decision concerning that impromptu lunch date or research session. 
  • Helps you avoid inconsistent behaviors 
    • If it doesn't revolve around that one word (for the most part) you probably want to avoid doing it. 
  • Provides clarity for your vision
    • If you don't have a vision statement for your life/business, stay tuned next Monday for that blog!
I know, I know, one word is hard to choose, but it is necessary to succeed as a leader in life as well as operating a successful business. Here's some reflection points to help choose the best word to improve your year: 
  • Where are you in your life/business? 
  • Where do you want to be? Short-term? Long-term? 
  • What word will help you work toward that goal? 

My friend shared her word with me for accountability. I use my word as an anchor. No matter where this year takes me, my word will help keep me focused concerning this year's personal and professional goals. So what's your word? Discuss with your mentors, associates, co-workers, and friends. Make sure you come back and share your word with us in the comments!